High Pressure Water Jetting

Nutrend Plumbing Sydney are proud to offer an on deck boiler and cold water jet service providing an advantage to break down grease blockage with the hot water. Our camera is state of the art and owned outright meaning we have access to this technology 24/7 enabling us to find the issue faster and at a cheaper rate for our customers.

Connecting to a normal garden tap, these machines can reach over 100m and come with a variety of nozzles for use in 20mm to 225mm pipes. Perfect for busting blocked drains and pipes wide open without the use of expensive cutting. Our High Pressure Jet Blasting service vehicles are equipped with a 20 horsepower Jet Blasting machine, capable of water pressures up to 5,300psi clearing in the most stubborn of blocked drains anywhere in Sydney. 

Your blocked drains should never be neglected or put off until the next day as you never know how clogged your drain is or how far the potential back up has already progressed. Potentially causing a greater problem later down the track.


Nutrend Plumbing will deploy a camera to identify the blockage or leak as well as other potential areas where clogs may form, and using the high pressure water jetter can clean your drain pipes with hot and/or cold water, while preserving any damage that would have otherwise been caused by using a more traditional drain snake. 

Call Nutrend Plumbing today and we'll ensure your blocked drains are tackled quickly and painlessly today.

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